Location Awareness

Realtime GPS Tracking

As more crowdsourced services have become available, location tracking has exploded. It provides end customers with timely guarantees about the progress of their order or events as they unfold. So much that it has become critical to the success of companies like Uber.

However, as customers have come to expect this, a demand for location tracking has emerged for legacy systems as well. Whether this be public transit systems, like trains, buses, or subways, both old and new companies alike need this type of solution.

Unfortunately, existing off-the-shelf solutions or in house development of this feature is typically unreliable and extraordinarily costly, but GUN changes this. Thankfully, GUN's innovative solution enables easy integration and a superior experience.

To demonstrate this claim, we have implemented a minimal app to showcase using GUN for realtime GPS tracking. The following ~45 second video illustrates GUN in action:

If your business is need of a solution today, contact our experts and we can get you moving - literally. GUN's solution is applicable to a wide array of industries:

There is a reason GUN is the silver bullet for location awareness. GUN is a database that runs on your end users' device and synchronizes with your service in the cloud. This gives GUN a unique advantage - it actually knows where they are because it is already with them.