Synchronize information faster than bullets can fly.

We live in an era where data has become the life blood of the digital world. Customers now expect your services to seamlessly flow data between their devices. This demand requires systems that can scale at the pace of the economy itself.

Wielding that data comes with power, and the database is the new weapon. Responsibility is yours, and the ethos of GUN is to equip you even when disaster strikes. Because the best way to win wars is to solve them before they even begin.

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Out of the box, gun makes data synchronization effortless, handling offline changes and gruesome merge conflicts seamlessly. Every time a client recieves data, gun makes a local copy for speed and efficiency, meaning that your most crucial data is backed up on every peer that uses it, making loss of important information nearly impossible. With gun's graph database architecture, every form of data can be expressed, allowing for emergent, flexible, and powerful data structures in your application. While functionality can be customized, gun comes with defaults that make getting started just about as simple it gets.

How it works

Operational Details

At GUN's core, it focuses on merge conflicts, creating an eventually consistent state across all synchronized machines. Although GUN uses websockets to quickly and efficiently stream data between peers, it progressively enhances the connection from JSONP, allowing seamless support back through Internet Explorer 6. As new data streams in, GUN will alert your listeners so you can reactively update your interface in real-time.